Get out there...

Grab your phone, walk, jog, run, cycle or workout anytime and anywhere in the world.


Be a key part of the paranormal investigations and hear music through your headphones.

Get motivated...

Feel the adrenaline, understand the mysteries and push yourself through the wierdness!

Stay Motivated!

Gain XP, get on the Leader Boards, win prizes and find out what happens next in the story.

Story running like nothing matters

Keep Running


Run Detective is a motivational paranormal audio adventure for Android and iPhone. It provides a good balance of adrenaline inducing audio escapades and thumping tunes from your own playlists to push you to achieve your best.

Not only can Run Detective provide a positive running experience, it can enhance any fitness regime you have. It's about motivating you to stay motivated by creating a need for you to find out what will happen next. The only way you'll find out is by working out. It is especially useful to those new to running and fitness.

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You're part of a team

You join a team employed by the Ministry of Defense to assist the police to deal with cases of a paranormal nature. You find clues and follow leads that the police can't. You identify suspects that cannot be seen. You rescue victims from the realms of imagination. These cases are time sensitive so you have to be quick. Your future depends on it. What are you waiting for? Run Detective! Run!

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